President Trump Deported Him – Barack Obama Is Fuming

During the time when Barack Obama was president, it was clear to everyone that he cared far more about the wellbeing of illegals than that of the Americans. Now, with Donald Trump in office, illegals know that their nonsense won’t be tolerated any longer, much to Obama’s dismay.

According to Freedom Daily, an Obama-loving illegal alien living in Michigan was just deported, regardless of the fact that he had been leaving here and avoiding deportation for around three decades. Somehow, our country is being made out to look like monsters for deporting him, and he is the one thay broke the law by coming here and putting down roots.

39-year-old Jorge Garcia was a landscaper in Detroit before he was deported on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. At the age of 10, he was illegally brought to our country by an undocumented family member. Now, he has a wife and two children, who are U.S. citizens.

Ever since 2009, Garcia had been facing an order of removal from immigration courts, but while Barack Obama was in office, he was given stays of removal. However, the Trump administration told him he had to be out of our country by November. On Monday, ICE agents accompanied him to Detroit Metro Airport and held up signs that read, “Stop Separating Families” all the way.

“We love you, Jorge,” said Mayra Valle of Detroit as Garcia hugged his family. “They’re so good and hardworking family. This is outrageous. No one expected this would happen.”

“How can you do this on Martin Luther King Jr. Day?” said Erik Shelley, a leader with Michigan United, which advocates for immigrant rights. “This is just one more example of the tone-deafness of this administration. Jorge turned out not be safe, which means no one is safe.”

The left is attempting to make Garcia look like a martyr and to make this look like a sad story. It is certainly not our pleasure to see families being separated, but the reality is that Garcia committed a crime. He had a chance to become a citizen – he had three decades to do so – and yet he made no effort and chose to remain an illegal, which is a crime. 

We love that our president is cracking down on illegal immigration and sending criminals back to their home countries!

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