VIDEO: President Trump Tells CNN Reporter Acosta To Get Out Of The White House!

President Trump took office and that’s when CNN reporter Jim Acosta started shamelessly disrespecting him. Earlier this week, the president had enough of him and let him know it in a huge way.

As Silence Is Consent reported, during a photo op in the Oval Office with Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev, Acosta began berating the president with questions insinuating that he preferred immigrants from “white” countries like Norway, as opposed to African countries. At first, Trump attempted to engage him, saying that he wanted immigrants regrdless of what country they come from, which still didn’t seem to satisfy Acosta.

When he finally had enough, pointed at Acosta and said, “OUT!”, after which, he was immediately ushered by White House wranglers, as well as his fellow reporters, out of the Oval Office. There was a meeting later on in the Roosevelt Room, and the wranglers and White House staff kept Acosta and the other reporters from questioning the president.


All of this unsurprisingly “triggered” Acosta, and he began whining on CNN about the experience to Wolf Blitzer, claiming that he had never been treated that way before, which surely is a blatant lie, as it is quite common for reporters to be ushered out of the White House or kept from asking questions.

Anyway, Acosta still took it to Twitter to whine some more:

“As I tried to ask something in Roosevelt Room, WH press aides shouted in my face! That is something I have never encounter before. It reminded me of something I would see anywhere but in this country. Certainly not at the WH.”


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