Hacking Narrative COLLAPSES And Leaves Democrats Speechless: According To Report Transfer Rate, Leaks Came From INSIDE DNC Not RUSSIA

Democrats tried in all possible ways to prevent the truth about their anti-American activities from being exposed. They planned to get away with compromising the president, his family and his team through the help of Deep State operatives and the MSM.

The aim was to cripple Trump’s ability to govern long enough so they could regain power and not to stop cutting American down to size.

Thanks to The Nation’s Patrick Lawrence, we now know how the Democrats sought to overturn the results of a legitimate election to prevent Trump from dismantling their Marxist constructs and intrusions on our lives:

The DNC is now relying on the assertions of “institutions and senior officials with long records of deception” who have again avoided putting their names on those assertions!

Sean Hannity put some of Lawrence’s work on his website: “According to some IT scientists and experts, the breach of security could not have been committed from outside people like international hackers, because of one reason: high-data transfer rates used during the incident. “The breach took place on July 5th at approximately 6:45 PM. The stolen data was transferred at a rate of 22.7 megabytes per second, which is a “simply unobtainable” download speed using the Internet, particularly overseas. “The forensics team have a reason to believe that the emails were taken from a DNC inside man, or someone that has access to facilities that house the Party’s email servers, using a thumb-drive or other portable device capable of high-speed data transfers. “According to the data we now have, the thing that we have been calling a hack is impossible.”

This new data makes us ask ourselves questions as ,,who stole the DNC emails and leaked them to the press” and ,,did the Democratic Party tried to spin the breach as “Russian interference on purpose?” This brings us back to Seth Rich right? There were speculations about him being involved as early as last October, but according to the “real” investigators (the institutions and senior officials with long records of deception) we were nothing but conspiracy theorists. Maybe, but not guiltier than those accusing Trump of collusion, right? No matter if Rich was responsible for the leaks or not, or the Awan brothers played some kind of role there or not, there is enough evidence that makes investigating at least as plausible as the Democrats so far totally unsupported claims of Trump-Russia colusion


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