Trump Dropped A SLEDGEHAMMER On McConnell, Check Out What He Did To Him!!!

We elected Trump because we wanted him to our country, but that’s not what Liberals think. They still believe in the conspiracy about Russia helping him win. McConnel thinks that he’s “well and good”, but that the expectations that he actually work for once are too high and Trump didn’t take that laying down.

According to Liberty Writers, McConnell said that Trump has ,,excessive expectations” in front of a group of voters at the Kentucky Rotary Club. ABC News reports that McConnell vented about Trump having too little political experience and that he is making things only harder for Congress: “This was not our new president’s line of work before. If you ask me, he had excessive expectations about how quickly things happen in the democratic process. I believe that people have the impression like we’re underperforming because of the too many artificial deadlines that are unrelated to the reality of the complexity of legislating, which may not have been fully understood.”

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One thought on “Trump Dropped A SLEDGEHAMMER On McConnell, Check Out What He Did To Him!!!”

  1. Mitch McConnell stated President Trump was not experienced in the way Congress goes so slow. Well we, the people are experienced enough to be tired of their ways too. We voted for President Trump to stop this idiotalogy. Just what the heck do they do when they show up from their famed recesses?
    They need to step it up, there is more than one speed, crawl,. If they are too old to move on anything, get out of the way, for someone that does more than show up and complain.

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