BREAKING: California Secretary Of State Got Served Over Voter Rolls!

Hillary Clinton had 4million more votes than Donald Trump in California. If you remove California from the equation things would have looked much different, but they won’t leave the union anytime soon.

This huge difference in the outcome has spurred actions. Around twenty Californians have enlisted the assistance of an activist organization to fix the voter rolls in California.

Served with a Certified Letter

The first thing to do in any legal proceeding is the following: serving notice of aim to take legal action and give them a chance to fix the problem.

And that is what Judicial Watch did. Earlier this month, Judicial Watch announced it has notified California’s Secretary of State, of their aim to sue if the State doesn’t comply with the National Voter Registration Act.

In the complaint letter, Judicial Watch revealed eleven counties with more registered voters than people with voting age:

Imperial (102%) Lassen (102%) Los Angeles (112%) Monterey (104%) San Diego (138%) San Francisco (114%) San Mateo (111%) Santa Cruz (109%) Solano (111%) Stanislaus (102%) Yolo (110%)

In a statement Press Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said:

“California’s voting rolls undermine the idea of clean elections. It is vital that California starts cleaning up its rolls. If state officials fail to act, we will sue.” Judicial Watch has also requested California turn over certain voter registration statistical information and provided 90 days for a response.

We contacted them today and the response we got was:

“We have no comment.”

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