The President’s On His Way To Cancel Healthcare Benefits For Lawmakers! No Reason To Think He Won’t!!!

These days it’s all about the president’s threat to the Congress. He wants to and will hit them where he knows it will be painful. Today he tweeted the following: 

It seems like members of Congress are not subject to Obamacare like the rest of us. If they don’t pass a new HealthCare Bill soon, Trump is going to make the loophole that allows Congress to be exempt from Obamacare disappear.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Trump’s announcement took place less than two days after the collapse in the Senate of Republicans’ effort to overturn the Affordable Care Act.

He has threatened to stop reimbursements to insurance companies for months now. Somehow, his administration has always found a way to pay, including some happenings from the last two months.

The next set of payments is due in less than a month. We are talking about total millions of dollars for insurers with lowered deductibles, but other out-of-pocket costs for the poorest enrollees in coverage under the law also known as Obamacare, too.

Trump’s Saturday tweet followed closely after several others expressing his disappointment in GOP senators. The reason for the disappointment was the failure to come together around a single piece of legislation that could fulfill a shared campaign pledge of repealing the ACA and enacting their own set of proposals in its place.

It is insane how the Congress has been getting away with everything. This is a perfect example of how shady deals the Obama administration dealt with.

The Independent Journal Review writes:

In the FEHBP, under Section 8901(6) of Title V, the health plans must be “group” plans. So, no problem: OPM certified the DC SHOP exchange, reserved for firms with fewer than fifty employees, as the health insurance exchange for Congress.

Congress’ only job was to turn itself into a small business, with less than fifty employees. That may be unbeliveable, but not impossible, because it did happen: They submitted paperwork identifying each chamber of Congress as a small business, employing forty-five people apiece.

Or another way to put it: the Government is using it’s own loopholes to cheat it’s own self?!

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  1. Many Americans are sick and tired of special privileges for congress. If they have to live with Obamacare they will quickly find a way to give all Americans decent health care. They also would stop letting big pharma rip is off!

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