Journalists Won’t Sleep If They Found Out What’s The President Secretly Doing In Guantanomo

The Trump Administration plans to fill the U.S. Military Prison of Guantanamo Bay in Cuba with people linked to sects of Islamic Extremists Including ISIS, Al-Qaeda Taliban and other Islamic Terrorists and their affiliates.

Last Friday Top US justice and intelligence official including Jeff Session[Attorney General] Rod Rosenstein[Deputy Attorney General] and Dan Coat[Director of National Intelligence] made a visit to the prison. The Trump administration will may use it to house new “Jihadi” detainees.

They made the visit in order to show that GITMO was “Perfectly Acceptable” to place new Islamic Terrorist as opposed to imprisoning them on American Soil and Trying them in Civilian Courts, as the Obama Administration had suggested and wanted it to happen.

During the Election, Jeff Sessions was very vocal in his support for keeping GITMO Open. Check out the video below: 


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